Event Name
Dialogue over Dinner: HIV, Pregnancy, & Research Ethics
Event Type
Social function
Event Organizer
Pregnancy & HIV/AIDS: Seeking Equitable Study
Target audience
Event Location
Big Easy (restaurant located inside the Hilton Durban)
Durban, South Africa
Event Schedule
20:30 - 22:30, 19.07.2016

Interested in research at the intersection of HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, and ethics? At this junction, we see many opportunities for important research and activism to address the unique physiological and other needs of pregnant women living with or at risk of contracting HIV. As such, we welcome you to an interdisciplinary discussion over dinner to network and exchange ideas on how to usher in a new era of progress in this realm. It is conversations like these that will critically inform the continued development of concrete, engagement-driven guidelines for HIV research inclusive of pregnant women and attentive to relevant clinical and scientific knowledge gaps. We look forward to treating you to this "Dialogue over Dinner"! Please contact our Project Director (Sappho Gilbert) for more information about this dinner event or our research efforts more generally:

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